Recovery is never just one thing; it’s never a single activity that you do in order to break addiction’s grip. Recovery is immersive, holistic. It’s about living a life of wellness and healing—and as such, it touches every part of you. There are many ways to be active in your recovery, then, and one of the best ones is to engage in regular physical fitness.

The benefits of exercise are tough to overstate. Being active allows you to battle stress. It improves mood and energy levels. It can even provide you with goals to reach for and opportunities to socialize, especially if you participate in team sports or group exercise.

Physical fitness promotes mental fitness, in other words, and in doing so it supports recovery. The happy news is that we are now in a season that makes fitness easy. The weather is sunny and the time is right for you to get outside and get fit. We’ll offer a few suggestions as to how.

  • Go for a swim! Soak up some sun and let your body relax in the water even while you work key muscle groups and burn off some stress.
  • Go for a run! Enlist a buddy to provide you with some company and some accountability.
  • Go for a hike! Find somewhere nice and scenic near where you live, put on your walking shoes, and explore.
  • Get out your bike and take it for a ride—at the park, up a mountain, or simply around your neighborhood.
  • Do some yoga—on the beach, if you can!
  • Take up surfing, another great way to have some fun in the sun.

So long as you’re outside and you’re moving around, you’re on the right track! Exercise today, and support your ongoing recovery.

What’s your favorite way to exercise during the summer? Let us know!

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