With all of the recent talk about the insane and desperate measures that people are taking to use the Internet, their cell phones, iTabs, and tablets and how technology is literally mesmerizing so many we find that there are certain stories that really depict just how out of control technology addiction is.

In California somewhere lives a teenager and her parents. They allow her to use the Internet but like responsible parents they have instilled a curfew. The daughter is having a friend over for the night and decides that she does not want to follow her parent’s curfew on this particular night so she spikes their milkshakes with prescription sleeping pills so she could use the Internet past her curfew.

Technology addiction, like any other addiction will make you do crazy things.

The plan worked and the parents fell into a deep slumber and the teenager got her way with the Internet. However, when the parents felt unusually groggy the next morning they suspected something was amiss. They obtained a drug kit from police so they could test themselves for tampering. The tests came back positive, and the couple went back to police with the results.

Their 15-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old friend were taken to Juvenile Hall and booked on suspicion of conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food.

Child therapist Leslie Whitten Baughman said that while it is normal for adolescents to act out while asserting their individuality, drugging their parents “would not be a healthy level of rebellion.” The teenager’s defense was that she thought her parents’ Internet policy was too strict. Internet access at the family’s home was shut off every night at 10pm.

This is a clear depiction of what some people will do to get their “fix” by whatever means they have to. Authorities are not identifying the teens because they are minors. Placer County prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file charges.

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