There is a very controversial Indiana case that was in the news this past month. Prosecutors have arrested a 40-year-old morphine addict in the death of her teenage son, who intentionally overdosed after swallowing 56 pills. Prosecutors are alleging that she actually drove her son to commit suicide.

The mother, Sabrina Ann Howard, 40, has a history of drug problems and it is alleged that her negligence is the primary cause of the 16 year old’s death. The boy died on July 11 in Riley North Children’s Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. Howard claims she confronted her son at 8:30 a.m. on July 10 for stealing some of her pills.

Howard claims that at that time her son seemed groggy but made it to the couch and fell asleep. Not until nearly 5 pm did Howard attempt to wake her son and found him unresponsive. She then called an ambulance. He later died and toxicology reports indicate that the boy had 30 Xanax pills and 26 tablets of an unspecified painkiller in his system.

Sometimes the Signs are Right In Front of You

There had been reports in the past with the Department of Child Services that claim the boy was terrified of finding his mother dead from an overdose with family members confirming those findings. The files also indicated that Howard and her son frequently engaged in arguments over her widespread drug use. He also had threatened to kill himself before if his mother did not seek drug treatment.

In 1976, the state of Indiana wrote a law for causing suicide. The law has never been used until now. The law applies to “a person who intentionally causes another human being, by force, duress, or deception, to commit suicide.” Now the prosecutors are going to try to prove that Howard intentionally drove her son to kill himself. She is already being charged with negligence.

The negligence charge comes about because Howard did not seek help for her son at two different points in time, when he threatened suicide in the past and when he lies dying on the couch. Was she still upset with her son for stealing her stash or was she just too darn high to care?

No Matter What, Teen Commits Suicide

It’s circumstances like this that people really need to understand how addictions affect the whole family, not just the addict. Now no matter what she is going to have to live with the fact that her son killed himself by overdosing on prescription pills. You need to get the help for your addictions before it’s too late and someone else suffers for what you are doing to yourself.

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