‘Teen Mom 2′ star, Jenelle Evans is allegedly a heroin addict, says her husband, Courtland Rogers. Rumor has it that all of her recent medical problems have really just been a cover up for numerous attempts at rehab that failed. She has used the excuse of having multiple ovarian cysts. But, Rogers says that his wife’s ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp is the main cause of the problem.

No one can ever hide from their drug addiction

Her last stint in rehab took place over Thanksgiving but her husband has a bitter taste in his mouth for the one he says got her hooked on drugs. Her mom found her shooting up with heroin, and had to intervene. Ashleigh Evans Wilson, Evans sister told Star magazine that her mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up. Jenelle looking emaciated with track marks all over her arms. Jenelle was then reportedly taken to Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Hospital involuntarily.

As recent as December 22, Courtland had tweeted Delp and said, “Just leave me and my WIFE … Mrs. Rogers alone.” Evans apparently made it through a near death overdose and so in the tweet Courtland also added that, “It’s funny people think I am a junkie wait till they see this next season on how u did Jenelle and got her hooked on heroin … she almost died cuz of u. U got Jenelle strung out and then bailed on her when she needed u most! And everyone thinks u are the good guy! This is sad.”

Evans is still in denial and hasn’t officially admitted to her drug addiction, she also hasn’t denied the reports. In a recent twitter she did say, “no lies, I’m under contract. Can’t talk about production.” The whole drama will be seen in MTV’s fourth season of Teen Mom 2.

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