Many parents today are caught off guard by their teen or adolescent who is doing drugs. Some parents try find out this information on their own by giving their child a home drug test. Parents who are suspicious about their teen doing drugs may be tempted to buy a home drug test kit to try to find out what their child is up to, but these tests are not always as helpful as parents hope. The reason for this is that teens are cheating on drug tests, even the most advanced tests.

 Teens Cheating on Drug Tests

Finding ways to cheat on a drug test is as easy as doing a quick Internet search. Through the Internet, teens can learn tricks for beating drug tests such as diluting their urine sample with liquids, or drinking certain substances that mask the drugs, or how to switch their sample with someone else’s. Unfortunately, teens have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and spending a few minutes searching the Internet will also turn up sites that sell substances that cleanse the urine of illegal substances, or that will ship clean urine to the teen to substitute as their own.

Ensuring Accuracy

The biggest problem that parents face when they give home drug tests is whether or not to believe the results. Certainly, a parent who is willing to go to the trouble of making their teen take a home drug test wants what is best for their child. But too many parents accept a clean result as accurate, even though experts warn parents that teens are good at cheating at the tests. Because of this, home drug tests tend to give parents a false sense of security. Parents rely on the test to tell them if their child is doing drugs, when what they should be doing is talking to their teen and spending time with them, in order to know just what they are up to.

Sometimes when a child fails a drug test, the parents have a hard time accepting that their child is doing drugs. The teen may make excuses as to why they failed the test, and parents often believe these lies. Other parents will try to manage the drug abuse at home, without getting help from an expert. A parent who suspects their child is doing drugs should consult a professional. These people can help administer more accurate drug tests, and can provide treatment and support to teens who are doing drugs.

Helping your teen

The right help starts with seeking a professional to guide you through the process of getting your child into treatment. Just because you may have caught your teen cheating on drug tests, doesn’t mean you are fully equipped to handle the situation or treat the problem.  A professional counselor will help identify issues that as parents you may not be aware of, like enabling, or abuse within the family, that is a possible cause of your child’s addiction. In this case treatment is not only for the addicted teen but more importantly for the entire family involved. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) provides valuable information and is a great resource in finding treatment programs specifically for teen rehabilitation. Getting the right treatment early on, can be the deciding factor on whether your teen finds long term recovery. Get professional drug treatment help as soon as possible.

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