When an individual enters a drug and alcohol treatment facility, their life gets put on hold for a while. This has never been truer than when a teen enters treatment, because not only do they leave behind family, friends, and activities, but their education often needs to wait until after they’ve recovered. Thanks to some specialized treatment programs, many teens in drug treatment are now able to keep up with studies.

Not only adults, there’s also Teens in Drug Treatment

Every year, more than 341,000 adolescents ages 12-17 participate in rehab for drugs or alcohol, according to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Drugs are found in schools throughout the country, and teens from every race, class, and geography get caught up with drug addiction. Teens especially need to get help for a drug abuse problem in order to get them back on their feet and give them hope for their future. However, disrupting a teen’s life to treat a drug problem can have lasting effects if it means that they miss school.

Finding a Teen Treatment Facility

When parents are selecting a treatment facility for their teen, it is important to find a program that specializes in helping teens. Studies have shown that most people recover better when they are surrounded by their peers or like-minded individuals. This is especially true about teens in treatment. Young adults find it much easier to open up and talk about issues important to them when they are among others their age. A treatment program that brings teens together offers the best chance at success.

It is also important for the parents and families of teens to receive help in order to work on problems that are occurring at home. Family counseling is growing in popularity, and is extremely helpful in getting parents, teens, and siblings to work together during the teen’s recovery process.

A growing number of teen treatment programs now have an education component that helps teens keep up with their studies while working on sobriety. A good treatment program for teens will combine drug treatment, tutoring, job training, and life skills training in order to ensure that teens will leave the facility prepared for success in the real world. Recovery schools are specialized schools that offer this kind of education in addition to drug treatment.

Finding the proper treatment facility is important to helping teens achieve sobriety so that they can look forward to a healthy future. Parents should select a facility that specializes in treating teens for drug addiction while helping them learn life skills and keep up with their studies at the same time. Have a safe holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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