For many, the scariest part of alcohol rehab is having to be open and honest about your struggle, letting family and friends know what you’re going through. Revealing your struggle can be daunting, but it can also be totally worth it: Your friends will undoubtedly want to shower you with their encouragement and support, which makes the recovery journey feel a lot less lonely.

With that said, actually speaking up about your recovery may still be challenging. Here are a few tips to guide you through this difficult step.

How to Talk About Your Alcohol Recovery

Remember, you don’t have to tell anyone until you’re ready. It’s totally your call as to when you open up about your alcoholism—so if you don’t think you’re there yet, that’s perfectly alright.

Always be honest. Alcoholism is often accompanied by a lot of desperation and deceit—so the best way to show your friends that you’ve changed is simply to tell them, simply and honestly, that you’ve struggled with addiction but are now working on your recovery. Just be clear about how you’re feeling; no need to beat around the bush!

Let them know you value their encouragement and support. In recovery, words of kindness and compassion can be invaluable. Tell your friends how much their encouragement would mean to you!

Be ready for resistance. In some cases, you may have friends who have been hurt by your past actions—and they may understandably feel skeptical or angry. Be prepared to simply acknowledge their feelings and to affirm that you are seeking rehabilitation.

Don’t be ashamed. More than anything else, remember to hold your head up high. Seeking recovery takes a lot of courage, and you should never feel embarrassed by making the choice to live an addiction-free life.

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