Many people over the years have studied the causes of poverty. Everyone wants to explain poverty and find a way to put an end to it.

It is true that people end up in poverty for many reasons, but researchers have always found a connection between poverty and substance abuse.

Causes of Poverty

Poverty occurs for many reasons. Someone can find themselves in tough financial circumstances because of their own actions, because of the actions of other people in their family, or because of factors beyond their control. While many people are stuck in generational poverty, many others move up and down between lower, middle, and upper class because of choices they make and a little good or bad luck.

Drug Abuse Causes Poverty

Drug abuse often causes poverty. Someone addicted to drugs can quickly lose their job or have a hard time holding down a job. All the money they do have goes toward buying more drugs. When someone is so controlled by drug addiction, nothing else matters and the person can easily slip into poverty.

Poverty Causes Drug Abuse

Other people are already living in poverty when they start doing drugs. Large cities with many low income residents are the most often plagued with drug abuse. Drugs are easy to get on the streets, and young people living in poverty are often surrounded by drug dealers and drug addicts.

Drug Treatment for the Poor

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one out of every six (48 million) Americans is living in poverty. 3.7 million of those in poverty are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, but less than a quarter of those actually get the treatment they need. This is first of all because many of these people don’t know about treatment options, and many others don’t have access to a support system to help get them into rehab.

The problem of drug addiction for those in poverty is a difficult issue, but it is one that many organizations are trying to remedy. It is important for us to help give these individuals options for treatment and tools to get their life together again, so that we can decrease our country’s poverty statistics.

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