When we are young, our environment and experiences program our brain for how it will perceive the world later in life. A calm nurturing environment and positive, happy parents are much more likely to produce a well-adjusted adult than a stress-filled, traumatic environment and abusive or uncaring parents. Not all stress is bad, however. Some less severe forms of stress, such as leaving home for grade school, struggling to make good grades, dealing with the foreign environment of a school or nursery and etc. are actually good for a child, and prepare them for the stresses of adulthood. Stress is bad for a child when it comes in very strong doses. Traumatic events such as any form of abuse or the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one have a very negative impact on a child’s future. Children from these environments have a much greater chance to become drug abusers or addicts as adults.

A drug addict’s use of drugs is very rarely the root of their problem. They seek the altered state of consciousness provided by drugs or alcohol because it serves as an escape from their problems. The drug, in this case, is actually the solution they have found for their personal problems. In this particular case, often the drug addict cannot cope with the events of his or her past, so they turn to their addiction in an attempt to put the past as far from their mind as possible.

Addict’s treatment are different, based on their lives and needs.

The treatment for every addict is somewhat unique based on their life and the conditions surrounding their addictions. Addicts who have suffered from childhood trauma require special kinds of treatment and care that are different from the most traditional forms of detox or therapy. It is important that the family of this particular type of addict seek the help of an experienced professional who can assess, understand, and help with this special situation.

Addicts whose troubles are brought on by childhood trauma have very deep-rooted problems that accompany their addiction. They require extra care from specially licensed professionals. Their road to recovery will be long and difficult, but with the proper care and assistance their lives can be improved immensely. The burdens of their past can be alleviated, allowing they and their families to live much happier, fuller lives.

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