The federal government has worked for the past year to curb binge drinking, particularly among college students. College binge drinking was one of the areas of focus for the government’s Drug Strategy of 2011. Because so many college students spend nights binge drinking, and because it can be so dangerous, it is important to create more awareness of the danger of this activity.

College Drinking

College students, both those that are underage and those that are over 21, often engage in binge drinking. This risky behavior can easily lead to alcohol poisoning, accident or injury, poor decision making, and even death. College students who spend time binge drinking are at greater risk for things like STDs, poor grades, unplanned pregnancies, and being in trouble with the law. According to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol Supplement, at least 1,400 college student deaths a year are linked to alcohol.

Immature Drinking

Experts suggest that binge drinking may be so common among college students because they are not as mature as older adults, and do not yet know how to manage stress or interact with friends. Many college students binge drink after a long week of classes to unwind or to make themselves feel better. Other college students binge drink because their friends are doing it and they want to fit in with the crowd. However, drinking to get drunk poses many physical risks, and it is also dangerous psychologically and emotionally.

Safe Drinking

There are ways to drink responsibly, and there are many college students who have matured enough to do so. Safe drinking in college, for those who are over 21, means having a drink or two when socializing, but quitting when they’ve had enough. A college student who drinks responsibly will know when to stop and will not try to combine drinking and driving. A mature college student will put their studies first and use healthy methods to managing the stress of classes. Just as the government has made it a priority to educate college students about the dangers of binge drinking, it is important for parents and school administrators to talk to students and support campaigns that help stop this dangerous activity from occurring.

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