Finding the perfect gift can be hard. It becomes even more difficult if you don’t know someone incredibly well, or they haven’t really given you any clues to specific items they may want or need. When a friend or family member is in recovery, you certainly don’t want to give anything drug- or alcohol-related, so sharing your favorite bottle of wine is off the list. However, there are plenty of gifts that can support their recovery and show you care.

  • A Journal: Journaling can be very relaxing and therapeutic. It’s also a wonderful way for the person to write down what they’re thankful for or get the day’s stressors off their mind. Plus, there are tons of options for what the journal looks like, so pick something you think they’d appreciate or find inspiring.
  • A Book: You could opt for a motivational or self-help book, or you could pick something that is personal to you. It’s always nice when a friend shares a book they really enjoyed and want others to experience as well. Another option is a book of inspirational quotes or funny jokes to make them smile.
  • A Gift Basket: Collect several smaller items and put together a gift basket. You could include some of their favorite snacks, tea, a soothing candle, fidget toys, movies, lotion, comfy socks, or other items you think they’d enjoy.
  • A Gift Card: While this seems thoughtless, it can actually be thoughtful. A gift card to the movies, their favorite restaurant or store, or an activity they’ve been wanting to try can prompt them to focus on their own well-being. It has already been paid for, so they can’t feel guilty about treating themselves.
  • A Massage: Recovery – and life – can be stressful. What better way to help them relax and feel rejuvenated than with a massage? Another option could be a day at the spa. Everyone could benefit from some pampering now and then.
  • A Helping Hand: Offer to watch their children so they can go on a date night or go to yoga, or provide a meal so they don’t have to cook one night. Think of thoughtful ways that you can give back that would make their life a little easier.
  • You: Sometimes your presence is better than any presents. Plan to spend the day together or even just a few hours. You could stay in watching movies or go check out the latest exhibit at the museum. Enjoy each other’s company and continued friendship.

Your gift doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – just make it meaningful. Show that you put thought and effort into giving something they would appreciate and that aligns with their lifestyle of sobriety and recovery. Addiction recovery takes time and commitment, so show them that you stand behind their decision to improve their health and life. And if sobriety is something they are struggling to maintain, encourage treatment at Seacliff to help them get back on track. There are a wide range of options available no matter where they are in their recovery journey.

Could a loved one benefit from extra recovery support this holiday season? Contact Seacliff and see how we can help.

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