Addiction is a powerful force. It is not easily controlled and it doesn’t wait for anyone. Many people are facing a substance use disorder this holiday season and need to make the important decision about when to seek addiction treatment. The midst of the holiday season might not seem like an opportune time to seek help, but for many individuals, this is exactly what they need.

Anyone who finds themselves or a loved one controlled by an addiction might at first want to wait until after the holidays to get treatment. After all, there are celebrations to take part in, families to see, and holiday traditions to uphold. Tossing rehab into the mix would certainly cause Christmas to be a little less joyful this year.

Accepting Help Now

However, for anyone with an addiction, rehab is what they need, no matter what the calendar says. Allowing an addiction to continue, even for a few days or weeks, can lead to serious problems. The person could sink deeper into their addiction and they could put themselves in danger of overdose, accident, or injury. Pretending everything is normal during the holidays when really everything is spiraling out of control only creates a risk for more problems.

Even though the holidays are upon us and most people haven’t been planning on being in rehab during this time, those who make the choice to get help now will find that they are committed to recover, and that’s the best way to start. Recovery takes dedication and hard work, and those that are ready to find help now should be encouraged by all those around them to do so. Treatment professionals are standing by to help. If you or someone you love is facing an addiction, don’t wait; get help today.

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