We’re entering the season of thankfulness… the part of the year when expressions of gratitude are front and center. For those who are in addiction recovery, articulating gratitude can be a powerful way to stay grounded and motivated. In fact, one very helpful, very practical thing you can do to fortify your recovery process is to start keeping a gratitude journal. Of course, this can be done any time, not just close to Thanksgiving; however, this season may be an especially impactful time to get into a daily rhythm of gratitude journaling.

How to Get Started with a Gratitude Journal

Here are a few quick tips to get you going.

  • Pick a journal you like. There’s something therapeutic about the physical act of writing with pen and paper. Buy a journal that you really like and find to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Select a time of day. Try to develop a daily habit of sitting down to journal, whether it’s in the morning or just before bed. Just pick a time that works well for your schedule.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. We recommend really committing to daily journaling, but if life gets in the way and you miss a day, that’s okay! This is meant to be healing, not something you beat yourself up over.
  • Keep it short and sweet. A gratitude journal entry doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Even a few short sentences or a bulleted list is perfectly fine. On hard days, you may simply reflect that you’re thankful for survival, for your life, for people who love you.
  • Take time to reflect. You may also find it therapeutic to read back over past entries from time to time, reminding yourself of all the reasons you have to be grateful.

We hope these tips point you toward a meaningful practice of daily journaling. For more information about maintaining your recovery, follow Seacliff Recovery on Facebook.

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