The start of the New Year brings with it a clean slate—a chance to make real efforts at self-improvement. It is hardly uncommon for people to take this opportunity seriously, and to develop New Year’s resolutions for themselves. When you’re in recovery, these resolutions can take on a whole new sense of urgency, yet it is important to maintain some perspective. The last thing you want is to allow a failed or muddled resolution to throw off your confidence in the recovery process.

As you make New Year’s resolutions while in recovery, then, here are some tips:

Break down your larger goals into smaller ones. Remember that recovery can be incremental. If you try to change your whole life overnight, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead of setting unrealistically large goals, break them into baby steps—goals that challenge you but are ultimately attainable.

Celebrate small achievements. Allow yourself the luxury of a well-earned pat on the back every now and again. Progress is progress, and every step you take toward your goals is worthy of celebration.

Don’t beat yourself up over setbacks. The recovery journey always comes with some missteps and some bad days. That’s normal. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, and move on. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Don’t try to change too much at once. Some people use the New Year as an opportunity to not only get sober, but also lose weight, get a better job, start reading more, and on and on. Trying to change so many things at once just sets you up for failure, though. Be more realistic in your expectations.

By all means, set resolutions for the New Year—but ensure that you’re realistic about everything you’re trying to do.

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