Vacationing before and after alcoholism treatment can look totally different. Previously, you may have spent your time scoping out the hottest clubs and bars, participating in winery or brewery tours, or just relaxing on the beach with a drink in hand. Now that you’ve worked so hard to maintain your sobriety, you may be wondering what to do on vacation to still have a good time. Fortunately, you don’t need alcohol to have a great trip!

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you plan your next getaway:

  • Do Your Research. Rather than heading to popular tourist destinations where you know there will be plenty of parties and events that include alcohol, perhaps find somewhere a little off the beaten path. Look for more family friendly options or places that have lots of outdoor attractions, museums, or whatever piques your interest.
  • Try New Things. Sign yourself up for paddle boarding lessons or horseback riding. Go on that nature excursion you’ve heard so much about. Look for activities that will keep you busy and have nothing to do with drinking. Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before – you may discover a new hobby!
  • Create a Plan. While you don’t have to schedule out every second of every day, it is a good idea to keep some structure to your day. You don’t want to allow too much downtime where you could risk making poor decisions. Pick a few activities you want to do each day and plan for them.
  • Keep Positive Company. Travel with family or friends who understand and support your recovery. They’ll be a great source of motivation, help you to curb any temptation, and be willing to do things other than hang out at the bar.
  • Attend Meetings. Support group meetings are held throughout the world, you just have to find them. Look online to see if there are any nearby to where you will be staying. Schedule meetings into your plans so you can continue to focus on your recovery and connect with others while also enjoying some time away from home.

It can also be helpful to talk to others in recovery to see what advice they have to offer. They understand first-hand the challenges you face and can be a wonderful resource when planning a vacation while sticking with your recovery plan. Preparing in advance can be time consuming, but it can also allow you to feel more confident traveling somewhere new and knowing that you can continue practicing what you’ve learned and maintain your sobriety.

If you do have a slip, or vacationing makes you realize that your drinking has become problematic and you’re ready for a change, turn to the professionals at Seacliff Recovery Center for help. We’ll work with you to create an individualized recovery plan that fits your needs and supports you in overcoming addiction.

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