The newcomer to recovery will often hear the phrase “more will be revealed” and wonder what it might refer to. Is somebody withholding information? Why? Can’t I just get the whole deal now and not have to wait?

Actually, the phrase was used initially by one of the pioneers of modern recovery as an expression of modesty, saying that the medical knowledge of the time was in an early stage and was sure to be added to and refined.

The phrase “more will be revealed” has since been established as a tool—still about modesty (humility)—to remind the recovering alcoholic/addict that recovery is a process, and that an attitude of honesty, openness, and willingness will pave the way for new understanding. However, this new understanding comes incrementally.

No one is withholding information; instead, as one lives according to the principles of recovery, new insights, often in the form of mini-epiphanies (or major ones), arise out of daily living.

It is often the case that the recovering person will face a challenging situation (sometimes all situations feel challenging to the newcomer!) and will feel anxious about the outcome.

It is useful to remember that, once we have gathered as much information as we can, talked the situation over with a trusted person, perhaps used prayer or visualization, and become willing to take appropriate indicated action—again, according to recovery principals of honesty and integrity—the outcome is out of our hands.

We can only know according to the information we have and have to trust that using the tools of recovery will bring us the optimum outcome—or at least the least negative one—as we wait for “more to be revealed.”

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