A 12 step co-occurring disorder concerns a diagnosis of addiction to both alcohol and drugs.  This usually begins with one or the other substance and as the addiction grows stronger the need for a stronger “fix” begins. This leads to the patient seeking out other forms of addiction to soothe the addiction which leads to a dual addiction of drugs and alcohol. Once the co-occurring disorder has been evaluated, the treatment program can begin.

Alcoholism is an addiction that creates the need for a stronger “fix” sometimes leading to a stronger form of alcohol but more often leading to the addition of some sort of drug to give a kick to the alcohol. You may find that a case of beer daily is suddenly not providing the relief from the day’s problems so you might add a few pills to help take the edges off. After several times of popping pills it becomes a second addiction leading to the co-occurring disorder.

The strength of a dual addiction is twice as hard to break as a single addiction and therefore requires a more structured program. The dual addiction needs this structure in order to allow the patient to realize that they must break not one, but two addictions. This must be done over a period of time in a very organized and structured manner.

The 12 Step Co-Occurring Disorder

A plan is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of recovery from addiction, compulsion or other behavioral.  These steps consist of admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction, recognizing a higher power that can give strength, examining past errors with the help of a sponsor, making amends for these errors, learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior and helping others who suffer from the same addictions.

The 12 Step Co-Occurring Disorder plan can provide the basis for a strong foundation on which to build a strong new addiction free life full of happiness and joy. Once the program is completed, the patient is able to lead a life that is free from past aggression’s and failures and walk into a bright and welcoming future.

At R&R Recovery at Seacliff, our goal is to provide our patients with all of the tools to successfully complete a 12 step co-occurring disorder program and begin a new life that will lead to that happiness and joy. We deal with all types of addictions and offer a vast array of recovery programs tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient. We are here to provide our patients with the care that is needed until the addictions are broken and the patient is well on the way to building a solid foundation for recovery.

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