If you are struggling with an addiction, drugs or alcohol controlled you. You might not see how your life headed off track, or where you hoped to be at this moment. Taking on the challenge of recovery can be scary and intimidating. One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is if you embark on a recovery journey, what good is it to you? What is on the other side of recovery?

Quite simply, a new life awaits you on the other side of recovery. At one time, you had dreams and goals for your life. You had expectations. These all fell by the wayside when your addiction took control of your life.

After recovery, you can get that all back. You can have goals again, and you will be able to achieve them. Your decisions will no longer center around where you can get your next high or another drink. You will not have to worry about embarrassing yourself in public because your addiction makes you lose control. You will not have the guilt connected with hurting your family members repeatedly.

On the other side of recovery is relief from worry — about your health, your relationships and your actions. You will not have to keep up the lies and manipulations to cover for your addiction. You will once again have a hope for the future.

Of course, recovery is a difficult journey. You will struggle through the cravings, doubts, triggers and tough days. You will have to work to rebuild the damaged relationships. However, you will have more strength, a clearer mind and motivation to rebuild your life.

Do not let the fear of the unknown keep you from getting help. Addiction recovery is well worth the time and energy, because of the healthy life that is waiting for you on the other side.

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