It can be difficult getting someone into addiction recovery—but often, it is just as hard convincing them to stay there. There are many reasons why people leave treatment early, but the impact is always the same: It reverses their progress and sends them back to square one.

Help encourage your friends and loved ones to stick with their treatment. Start by understanding some of the reasons why people leave treatment in the first place.

They Leave Because Detox is Painful

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult, especially when it’s done at home. Seacliff, meanwhile, can provide natural, medical assistance to make the process far easier to endure, which reduces the likelihood of someone leaving early.

They Leave Because They Feel Alone

Having a sense of community in the recovery process is essential. Help your loved one to connect with a support group, ideally one made up of people who come from similar backgrounds and circumstances.

They Leave Because They Think They Don’t Need It Anymore

As the recovery process moves forward, it’s not uncommon for individuals to feel like they no longer need to speak with a therapist or a support group. It’s vital to keep attending sessions even on days when they don’t feel necessary, though—to receive encouragement, to have someone to talk to, and to develop practical coping skills.

They Leave Because They Don’t Like It

If your friend or loved one simply doesn’t like their recovery program, encourage them to stick with it by reminding them of why they sought recovery in the first place—but also see what you can do to make things more pleasant for them. Requesting a new roommate, or getting them involved in a new hobby or activity, can sometimes be all it takes!

The longer your loved one stays in treatment, the better his or her chances of remaining in recovery. That’s what makes it imperative to urge your loved one to stick with it!

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