Why holistic treatment? Who is it for? When would doctors recommend holistic treatment?

Holistic treatment in California has some major benefits for those who show symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, also known as ADHD. While there are an estimated 3-7% of children in the US that suffer from ADHD, the percentage of adults who suffer from the disorder are thought to be much higher. People with ADHD have trouble focusing, paying attention and become bored and frustrated with doing the same tasks over and over again.  To control this disorder, many patients turn to conventional methods and medications, but what if there was a way to treat this condition in a natural way.

ADHD and Holistic Treatment

Certain behaviors are exhibited by people who suffer from ADHD including becoming bored easily, being easily distracted, often losing items, making sloppy mistakes, cannot pay attention in a class, forgetting daily activities, appearing to not listen when others talk and suffering from learning disabilities. When diagnosed with ADHD it does not mean that the only choice that you have is to turn to conventional methods and pharmaceutical drugs to control your condition. It might also be wise to check out holistic treatment.

Many ADHD sufferers are increasingly investigating natural remedies that are effective and do not have the side effects associated with such pharmaceutical drugs as Ritalin and its derivatives. These medications are usually made with amphetamine salts and common side effects of such stimulants can include a loss of appetite, upset stomach, jitters, headaches, and insomnia among others. These drugs can also be addictive whereas natural remedies are not and are also usually milder.

Counseling or psychotherapy is a very important part of your ADHD treatment. Psychotherapy is useful to treat the patient new skills to cope with and overcome the problems that arise with having ADHD. Probably the most beneficial form of psychotherapy for those suffering from ADHD is behavior modification. Done correctly, it can make a big difference. Behavior therapy involves targeting a desired behavior change, defining the behavior in terms that can be measured, tracking how many times the behavior happens before an effort to correct it and then making a plan to correct it. This is usually done in conjunction with prescription of natural herbs and remedies that are consistent with natural treatments.

Holistic treatment in California can be found at R&R Recovery at Seacliff. At R&R Recovery at Seacliff we practice the state of the art treatment that includes conventional methods for treating ADHD as well as providing treatment plans that include natural remedies and treatment. We believe that the patient deserves the best of both worlds and every chance to discover the treatment plan that is right for them.  Visit us at https://seacliffrecovery.com/ to see how we can help you!

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