When beginning a journey of recovery, the idea that more will be revealed encourages newcomers on a path of self-discovery. Time spent using and drinking alcohol typically means a lot of time spent escaping the truth. What’s going on in relationship dynamics, feelings and natural responses are like new discoveries in the framework of recovery.

It can be daunting to face what considerable time and effort was put into avoiding truth; how to manage difficult emotions, identifying what those emotions are, and learning to listen openly and honestly to others without judgement. For newcomers, more will be revealed explains in the testimony of others who have walked through these difficulties themselves, the solutions will become apparent as the work is done.

The saying can have the same effect as “keep coming back,” that it’s important to just keep trudging the road of recovery because you never know what you will find out about yourself on the way. Alcoholic drinking and addictive behavior do not happen overnight, rather it is progressive. Similarly, recovery means looking at underlying issues that contribute to addiction and uncovering the truth.

The longer an individual stays sober and works a program with others, the more the saying itself begins to change in meaning and sentiment. What at first was a restless task of sifting through so much time spend drinking and using, begins to clear and become more representative of the authentic person underneath the chaos of addiction.

More will be revealed implies that life and self-discovery will always be an ongoing process. There is no destination, graduation or cure, and there is no perfect or right way to work a program. The most important task is to keep showing up, and stay clean and sober one day at a time.

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