Many recovery programs offer experiences for mind, body, and spirit awareness. One of these is yoga for beginners. The remarkable appreciation for these programs has resulted in an ever growing movement for teaching gentle yoga poses, appropriate for beginners of any age. We found some positions for beginners here which will help you access a peaceful, relaxed state. You may not have taken good care of your body and easy yoga poses will allow you to connect with the physical dimension that 12-step recovery alone does not address.

Learning yoga is a slow process especially for addict’s who have spent a lot of time avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Addiction is an extreme example of binding yourself to enjoyment. Yoga will ask you to put your body in positions that may at first seem unpleasant but you will learn to relax into them, breath, and you become aware that you enjoy the release. Obtaining a calm, relaxed state is very beneficial in order to resist addictive urges. You stay present in your physical body and you don’t feel that you have to run away from dealing with life. Staying connected to your physical body helps you recognize addictive behaviors and find inner strength to move past them. Instead of checking out you are checking in with yourself.

Yoga offers other benefits such as physiological changes that occur in your cortisol levels, your stress lowers, and your sleep will improve. You will also learn deep breathing which is healing. Even if you can’t do the poses, learning to slow down your mind and “watch” your breath has value. If you can practice regularly you will achieve a peaceful inner state that you may never have experienced. Learning a daily routine is essential for recovering addicts’. This habitual quiet time also teaches you to spend time taking care of yourself. One of the great things about yoga is you can do it anywhere without special equipment or outfits. Just dress comfortably and enjoy your bliss.

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