Americans today are so accustomed to having access to medications that can solve nearly any problem. People in our society do not like to wait for results or to suffer patiently with an ailment. People want to take care of their problems quickly and without much work. This attitude has spilled over into the lives of teens and young adults who have been raised on a quick fix mentality.

Looking for a Quick Fix

Part of the cause behind the prescription drug epidemic today is the desire for a quick fix. Many people believe that medications can fix every problem they have. There are prescriptions for pain control, concentration, weight loss and relaxation, and doctors prescribe medications for these things all the time. Some people take it a step further and borrow or steal drugs to use without visiting their doctor or getting a prescription.

Teens and young adults are some of the worst culprits of this trend. High school students have pill parties where they all bring medications from home and exchange them with friends. College students use others’ prescriptions to help them concentrate in school or stay up late to study for a big test. Because of the little regard our society has for prescription drugs, the young people of today do not see the dangers of sharing medications.

Dangers of Abusing Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs should always be used with caution, and be taken under the care of a physician. When used improperly, prescription drugs can cause heart problems, seizures, brain damage and a host of other problems. They are also addicting, and even experimenting once or twice can lead to dependence.

Prescription medications should only be taken under the supervision of a physician. While some people think taking certain medications will improve a certain aspect of their life, prescription drug abuse is dangerous and should be avoided. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs, encourage them to seek treatment immediately.

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