Drug Treatment Center in Los Angeles County

los-angeles-county-seacliffWhen it comes to addiction treatment, you want to immerse yourself in an environment that is calming, positive, and supports physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Seacliff Recovery Center, a drug treatment center in Los Angeles County, provides you with just that setting.

Located just two blocks from Huntington City Beach, you can enjoy the warm weather, relaxing ocean, and soothing sand as you rebuild your life in recovery. The weather is gorgeous year-round, making Los Angeles County an ideal location for rehab no matter what time of year.

When you’re ready to overcome the challenges of addiction and engage in a variety of therapeutic activities and recreational outings to support long-term recovery, Seacliff is here for you. Embracing a new environment where you can fully focus on addiction treatment and healing your body, mind, and spirit can be just what you need to get a fresh start and feel more confident in your recovery.

Seacliff Recovery Center Helping People Recover from Addiction

At Seacliff Recovery Center, we provide the individualized treatment and supportive care you’re looking for to overcome addiction. From guiding families through the intervention process and getting treatment started in detox through outpatient services and sober living options, Seacliff assists clients at all stages of recovery. We work with you to navigate the complexities of addiction and address underlying problems including trauma and hormonal imbalances.  Whether you’re struggling with addiction or a co-occurring disorder – drug addiction or alcoholism along with a mental health disorder – you can find the customized treatment you need at Seacliff.

Each client goes through a comprehensive evaluation process to create a treatment plan that meets his or her individual needs. You will engage in therapy, counseling, holistic healing, and recreational activities to feel more confident in your recovery and transition back into the community. Addiction shouldn’t define you. Seacliff empowers you to rebuild your life in recovery and pursue your goals in sobriety.

Family Interventions

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be frustrating and heartbreaking. Family members want to help but may not know how to, or their loved one may be in denial and reject offers for treatment. The certified intervention specialists at Seacliff work with families to hold family interventions and get loved ones the help they need. Each intervention is carefully planned and executed to guide potential clients toward accepting treatment. Families are educated and supported along every step of the way so that the process runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re unsure about where to start, Seacliff can help.

Drug Treatment Center and Alcohol Treatment Rehab in Los Angeles County, CA

Seacliff brings high quality, effective drug and alcohol rehab to Los Angeles County, CA. There are plenty of options to connect with nature and focus on whole-body healing from addiction. As a comprehensive drug treatment center and alcohol treatment rehab in Los Angeles County, CA, Seacliff supports clients along each step of their journey to recovery. We ensure that you are equipped with the strategies and skills necessary to build healthier routines, manage stress, reduce risk of relapse, and integrate back into society more confidently.

Whether it is your first time in rehab or you are ready to try again, we are here to support you where you are at. Seacliff offers a variety of different programs to help you build a strong foundation in recovery.

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Treatment Programs Available in Los Angeles County

Seacliff Recovery Center offers different levels of support dependent upon each client’s individual needs. The customized treatment programs available in Los Angeles County are designed to align with your unique goals and objectives. We collaborate with clients to create a treatment plan that fits their schedule and needs and addresses the challenges faced when dealing with addiction or co-occurring disorders.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The first step in the addiction treatment and recovery process is drug and alcohol detox. This helps clients to cleanse their bodies of any addictive substances that may interfere with their recovery. It’s difficult to focus on overcoming addiction while still under the influence of these substances, so Seacliff connects clients with safe detox services. During this time, clients are monitored through the withdrawal process and kept as comfortable as possible. They begin to engage in healthier activities to promote healing and prepare for therapy and other facets of treatment. Once detox is completed, Seacliff helps clients transition into the appropriate treatment program at the rehab facility.

Extended Care Program

The Extended Care Program at Seacliff is divided into three levels and takes place over a 90-day period. During this time, clients are able to work through issues related to their addiction in a safe, supportive environment. As they progress, they shift into outpatient treatment and the sober living program to continue building their skills and reduce risk of relapse. Throughout all three phases, clients engage in individual, group, and family therapy as well as meditation, 12-step meetings, occupational and educational workshops, and nutritional assessments. Phase I creates a solid foundation for recovery, Phase II focuses on building professional and social skills, and Phase III provides a structured environment for reintegrating into the community.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The early stages of recovery can be challenging, so Seacliff ensures that clients have a safe, controlled environment with access to round-the-clock support and therapy in its Partial Hospitalization Program. Clients live at the Seacliff facility and participate in specialized, individualized activities and therapy sessions. Treatment plans are designed to align with each individuals’ unique needs, and clients are enveloped in a calm and comfortable environment where they can focus on all aspects of recovery. The PHP drug treatment program delves deeply into addiction treatment and underlying issues to help clients navigate recovery and build skills for long-term sobriety.

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Outpatient Treatment Program

Once clients have developed the basic skills and tools for recovery, they can continue the process in outpatient treatment receiving ongoing support and reinforcement of what they have learned. There are many challenges that clients face returning home or to work or school, and outpatient treatment can provide the support and guidance necessary to promote long-term recovery. Clients participate in daily therapy sessions and other activities to learn diverse strategies for dealing with stress, temptation, potential triggers, and more. Individuals progress at their own pace and work through issues as they arise so that they can feel more empowered in their recovery.

Sober Living Program

Recovery from addiction does not end once a client has completed a formal treatment program. It is an ongoing process, and transitioning back into the real world can be difficult. The Sober Living Program at Seacliff provides clients with a safe, substance-free living option in Huntington Beach. Here clients develop their independence and the skills they need to deal with everyday challenges and temptations. It is a structured environment where they can continue to receive support and attend 12-step meetings as they reintegrate into the community. This program is a wonderful way to bridge the gap and continue moving toward independent and responsible living.

Get Help for Drug Addiction in Los Angeles County with Seacliff Recovery Center

Drug addiction or alcoholism does not have to control your life. Recovery is possible at Seacliff Recovery Center in Los Angeles County. You can find the compassionate, comprehensive treatment you’re looking for to guide you through each step of the recovery process. Whether you are interested in the Extended Care Program or want the additional support provided in Outpatient Treatment or a Sober Living Program, you can find it all at Seacliff.

Empower yourself over your addiction and build the confidence and motivation you need to balance your recovery with your personal and professional life. Seacliff integrates holistic and traditional approaches to treatment to heal the body, mind, and soul. Rebuild your life in sobriety along the serene and relaxing beaches of Huntington Beach knowing that you can find the structure and support you need to be more successful at Seacliff. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, make the choice to get help today and turn your life around.

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