R&R Recovery at Seacliff Drug Treatment Center

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R&R Recovery at Seacliff drug treatment center is located in Huntington Beach, 35 miles south of Los Angeles, and boasts a Mediterranean climate. This city has a safe-resort atmosphere and has been established as “Surf City.” The 8-1/2 miles of beautiful, uninterrupted beaches nearby offer the perfect setting for surfing therapy sessions, surfing lessons, biking, walking and other recreational outings. We provide a healing atmosphere where our clients are able to become spiritually awake, mentally alert, and physically healthy.

R&R Recovery at Seacliff drug rehab center is beautifully located just two blocks from Huntington City Beach. With this environment as a backdrop, our rehab facility is in the perfect setting to promote proper growth and healing. There is no place more beautiful to spend 3 months relaxing and healing. The gorgeous Southern California beach has the perfect atmosphere to foster recovery. The sunny weather, perfect temperature, and mild California climate are certain to aid in the healing process.

Drug Treatment Center

R&R Recovery at Seacliff drug treatment center offers the most modern amenities. Clients enjoy exquisite accommodations, and have access to laundry facilities, full kitchen, game/multipurpose room, TV and fireplace, newly remodeled living areas, and balcony views. Our comfortable, home-like atmosphere helps make the transition to rehab easy, and allows for relaxation as well as recovery.

The location of our facility gives great opportunities to build self-esteem by socializing. There are several concerts, museums, and activities to attend in the city. These events enable clients to reconnect with their inner self and boost self-esteem to healthy levels.

Drug Rehab Center

At Seacliff, our focus is helping clients overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, and then help them develop the tools needed to maintain their sobriety. Our drug rehab center incorporates the 12-step program into our treatment plan, because we believe in its philosophy and we have found that it continues to provide benefits to clients long after they leave our facility.

We offer drug treatment, alcohol treatment, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. The staff at Seacliff specializes in holistic treatment that allows the entire body, mind, and spirit to heal. We offer a natural hormone therapy for both mental and physical health. Our drug treatment programs include a residential, outpatient, and sober living options. We provide families with intervention services when needed, and our admissions staff can answer any questions about treatment, insurance, and payments.

To learn more about our drug rehab center, contact us today 800.581.7274.

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