12-Step Recovery Rehab Program

Our residential and outpatient addiction treatment plans use a 12 step recovery program as a cornerstone. This structured program gives clients a guide to use as they move through recovery from drugs or alcohol. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can leave individuals worn down and unable to make decisions or good choices, but by including 12 step programs in our rehab plan, we are able to help clients become accountable for their actions and become a part of a positive support system.

12 step programs have been around for many years. Originally they were designed for those in recovery from alcohol. Because using a series of steps to support recovery from drinking was so effective, 12 step recovery programs are now used in many different treatment settings and to treat many types of addiction.

12 Step Recovery Program

Each of the steps teaches the individual how to have a new life that is meaningful, useful and addiction free. Through the 12 steps, clients recognize that they are powerless over their addiction unless they have help and guidance. They also take the step of admitting that they have been wrong, and that they can learn a new way of life that doesn’t include drugs, alcohol or some other kind of addiction.

R&R Recovery at Seacliff’s 12 step recovery program takes into consideration the harm that has been done by the addiction. Forgiveness of oneself and asking for the forgiveness of those that have been hurt by the addiction are important steps. By helping to heal relationships, we help clients become more prepared to rejoin their family and society in a healthy and active way.

12 Step Program for Addiction

A 12 step program for addiction is not just useful while the person is in rehab; it is a life-long commitment. While at R&R Recovery at Seacliff, clients learn how to utilize the 12 steps to get through each day. Using a 12 step program for addiction recovery is a key part of daily life because it provides the individual with structure and support. Long after an individual’s rehab program is complete, they will be able to turn to the steps to avoid relapse and to maintain sobriety.

R&R Recovery at Seacliff treatment center offers drug treatment, alcohol treatment, and hormone treatment for co-occurring disorders. Our holistic approach to recovery ensures that clients are equipped to live a renewed life that is healthy and fulfilled.

To find out more about R&R Recovery at Seacliff and our drug or alcohol treatment program, contact us at 800.581.7274 today.

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