Alcohol Abuse Treatment and Recovery Center

Recovery starts immediately when a client enters the Seacliff facility. After finishing a detox program, clients arrive at our alcoholism treatment facility in Huntington Beach feeling more physically ready to begin. Our experienced staff is fully equipped to guide clients through the important rehab and therapy necessary to recover from alcoholism.

Using a mind-body-spirit approach, our certified alcohol addiction team helps clients understand their alcohol abuse and its causes. Our main goal is to help clients succeed in their recovery efforts, in a way that is safe and that promotes sustained recovery. We make sure that clients transition safely and purposefully back into their new life.

Alcoholism Treatment

There are many underlying causes of alcoholism. Drinking often starts as a way to ease the pain of emotional, physical or spiritual distress. Over time, however, the body and mind become addicted to alcohol, regardless of the circumstances that led to drinking in the first place. In order to help a person completely recover, it is important to address the underlying reasons why the person started drinking or continues to drink.

Our alcoholism treatment program uses a holistic approach to recovery, in order to help individuals heal all aspects of their lives. We follow the 12-steps to recovery, and encourage clients to attend meetings and find sponsorships during and after treatment.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Our treatment for alcoholism has three distinct phases. Clients begin with residential rehab, during which time they will live in our structured, safe facility. After completing this phase, clients may opt for continued outpatient treatment, or to stay in our sober living facility. Some individuals need a little more help to transition back into a life of sobriety, and these are excellent ways of continuing this process.

Our alcohol treatment center educates clients about the disease of alcoholism, and holds them accountable for developing a strong, alcohol-free mind, body and spirit. We use traditional therapy and counseling sessions, as well as physical methods including healthy outdoor sports and activities. The serene location of R&R Recovery at Seacliff is a beautiful place to take part in outdoor therapy sessions.

The compassionate staff members at our alcohol and drug treatment center support our clients, and also challenge them to be the very best they can be. We specialize in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, and offer hormone therapy for co-occurring disorders.

To learn more about us and how we can help you, call us at 800.581.7274 today.

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