Drug Addiction Treatment at R&R Recovery at Seacliff

The important first step of any drug or alcohol addiction is detox. Once the client has completed this difficult but necessary step, they are ready to begin active drug rehab here at the Seacliff drug addiction treatment center.

Our residential drug abuse treatment program is broken into three phases. Each lasts a specific number of weeks and has a specific goal. Each phase builds upon what the client has already learned and experienced in the previous weeks.

Group therapy, individualized therapy, physical activities, and nutrition are combined with many other treatment options. Each part of clients’ care has a mind-body-spirit focus, in order to offer a balanced approach to recovery. Most importantly, clients will gain physical, emotional and spiritual strength, which are absolutely critical as they begin a new drug-free life.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Our philosophy of drug rehab treatment focuses on the mind, body & the spirit. Health needs to be present in each area, and this will take work. Learning new ways to become sober and healthy after months or years of addiction is a critical step in recovery. Our holistic recovery program ensures all aspects of the client’s life are being addressed, in order to promote full recovery.

Located just two blocks from the beach, rehab at Seacliff Drug Addiction Treatment Center doesn’t just involve structured therapy sessions inside. We believe in taking advantage of our beautiful location to allow clients to get fresh air and exercise through recreational therapy. Our drug addiction treatment includes recreational outings such as walking, biking, and surfing lessons. The combination of clinical setting and outdoor recreation that we offer helps clients renew all areas of their life.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

R&R Recovery at Seacliff’s treatment for drug addiction is structured, but planned around the client’s individual needs. Guests are actively engaged with other people who have also come to Seacliff for drug rehab treatment. While there will be many common activities and treatments, no two individuals will have the exact same care plan. Our certified addiction specialists and support staff are dedicated to making a positive and healthy impact on each person who comes to us for help.

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs use a 12-step approach to recovery. The experienced staff at our treatment center is specialized in co-occurring disorders treatment, and we use hormone therapy when appropriate to balance the body and mind.

Our admissions staff is standing by ready to help. Contact us at 800.581.7274 to learn more about our programs.

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