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Dual Diagnosis.SeacliffWrestling with addiction can leave you lonely and sad; however, nobody who struggles with addiction is beyond hope. There is ample evidence to show that treatment works, and with the right medical intervention, lifelong recovery is possible. At R&R Recovery at Seacliff, we believe that lasting recovery is attainable for everyone, and we are passionate about providing clients with a firm foundation for their own ongoing health and well-being.

As such, we work with individuals who are struggling not just with drug or alcohol abuse, but also with other, related mental health disorders—often referred to as co-occurring disorders. Our clinical team provides dual diagnosis care, which enables us to identify the true root of the problem and to help each client arrive at a road map to freedom and wellness.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders

Often, addiction and mood disorder do go hand-in-hand, and without dual diagnosis care, it can be hard to determine the underlying cause of the interconnected symptoms. Here at R&R Recovery at Seacliff, our clients will find an approach to care that is holistic, individualized and compassionate at every turn.

Substance Use Disorders


Alcoholism creates physical and mental dependence, which can be difficult to shake—but with the right treatment, freedom from alcohol addiction can be achieved.

Meth Addiction

Often called the most dangerous substance in the world, meth is both highly addictive and all too easily accessible; our caregivers are experienced in facilitating meth addiction recovery.

Opioids Addiction

Opioids come in different forms, ranging from legal prescription drugs to illegal narcotics, such as heroin. R&R Recovery at Seacliffprovides different avenues for breaking the hold of opioids.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a powerful opioid that initially produces intense euphoria, but gives way to depression and to deepening cravings and dependence. Through treatment, recovery is attainable.

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Prescription painkillers—many of them opioids—can be dangerously habit-forming even when taken according to a physician’s orders. Clinical intervention may be required to break addiction’s hold.

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Mental Health Disorders


Depression is about more than just feeling blue. It is an intense, unremitting sadness and lack of energy that requires clinical attention—but through treatment, freedom from depression can be achieved.


While most individuals struggle with anxious feelings from time to time, a true anxiety disorder is pervasive and potentially debilitating. Treatment can bring the symptoms of anxiety under control.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is experienced as fluctuations between a high-energy/ euphoric state and a depressive one. Seacliff’s team can help you develop a path to freedom and recovery.

Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment at R&R Recovery at Seacliff

We believe that no one is beyond the scope of recovery—no matter the extent of your addiction or the severity of your co-occurring conditions. We provide dual diagnosis care to those who are ready to start a healthy new chapter in their life. To learn more, we encourage you to contact R&R Recovery at Seacliff today.

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