Drug Treatment Programs at Seacliff Recovery

The drug treatment programs at Seacliff Recovery are designed to meet each client’s addiction recovery needs. We place a strong emphasis on helping individuals achieve solid, long-term recovery with a customized program that is sure to meet their needs.

We are located in Huntington Beach, a peaceful setting that provides clients with added benefits. This Southern California environment is incredibly beautiful and helps to promote proper recovery. While at Seacliff Recovery, clients are able to enjoy the serene location, relax in the California climate, and participate in recreational therapy programs such as surfing.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Seacliff RecoveryCenter offers different levels of support, depending on the client’s unique needs.

The Extended Care Program is our full-continuum drug addiction treatment program that follows a drug and alcohol detox. This treatment consists of a three-phase partial hospitalization program that provides clients with a new environment, a new beginning, and the opportunity to develop healthy and appropriate living styles. This program provides individuals with everything they need to achieve the recovery and eventual normalcy of life they crave. Participants of this program will spend their days and nights in our center, taking in the beautiful scenery and walking down the path to recovery.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program is designed for clients who would benefit by remaining in a flexible working capacity and by returning to their home environment at night. These clients still participate in all aspects of the Extended Care Program, only as a non-resident. This program is offered in part as a transitional tool for the patients who have completed their commitment in our extended care program.

The Sober Living Program at Seacliff provides a supportive, sober environment for clients to transition into the real world. This program allows clients to live at our facility while they learn how to manage their life, their commitments and the responsibilities that go along with it.

Drug Treatment Programs

Seacliff staff is equipped to handle complications that may arise during recovery. Each of our clients is fully assessed, and individuals are screened for co-occurring disorders. Those that have a co-occurring disorder – both a chemical dependency and psychiatric or emotional disorder – will receive the care needed to address both issues during recovery.

We specialize in family interventions, which help families get loved ones into treatment. Many families feel hopeless when their loved one refuses treatment. Our trained interventionist can make the transition to treatment a painless and gentle one, so that the client and their family can focus on healing.

Our drug treatment program helps individuals get back to the things that are important in their life. Seacliff drug treatment center promotes complete healing for a lifetime of sobriety.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you. Contact us today by calling 800.581.7274.

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