Day Treatment

This is a carefully assessed option for those clients who would benefit by remaining in a flexible working capacity and by returning to their home environment at night. They must still meet all admissions criteria and will participate in the full 90-Day Extended Care Treatment Program as a non-resident. Seacliff Recovery sets up the daily hours a client will attend.

Three Phases of Treatment

Seacliff Recovery Center divides the extended care program into three distinct phases. Each phase encompasses individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, meditation, twelve-step meetings, occupational workshops, educational workshops, and nutritional assessment. The following describes the focus of each phase:

  • Phase I(Basic) 5 weeks – Provides the foundation for recovery and introduces the tools for sobriety.
  • Phase II(Purpose) 4 weeks – Provides the professional and social skills for the client to re-enter commitments such as employment, returning to school for degree or vocational training and community service while simultaneously remaining active in recovery.
  • Phase III(Integration) 3 weeks – Provides a structured environment for clients to solidify the process of recovery and your life’s responsibilities.

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