Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at R&R Recovery at Seacliff provides clients with in-depth, around-the-clock support and therapy. PHP programs are the core workplace of recovery, and Seacliff ensures that every individual in our program is able to recover in a safe, controlled setting.

After completing a safe alcohol or drug detox, the next step is the Partial Hospitalization Program program. During treatment, clients live at the Seacliff facility. Each day involves specialized, individualized activities and therapy sessions. Our compassionate staff is present 24 hours a day, ready to assist and guide clients through the most difficult days of recovery.

Time in treatment is not easy, and sometimes clients have to feel worse before they begin to feel better. Seacliff staff is experienced and equipped to help clients through even the most difficult transitions. The living and therapy accommodations at Seacliff are calming and comfortable, and located just a few blocks from the beach.

Structured Living Environment

During a client’s stay in our Seacliff structured living community program, damaging habits and patterns are broken down. Clients learn how to develop a healthy approach to life. They also learn how to avoid situations and pitfalls that may be destructive to long-term recovery.

The length of stay at our structured living environment depends on the individual needs of the client. While some clients who have not abused substances for very long can recover in a few weeks, others that have a long history of addiction will take a few months or more. By providing a strong and consistent therapeutic environment, a partial hospitalization program can lay the foundation for sustained recovery. Doing the hard work of early recovery takes time, and trying to cut short our structured living treatment nearly always leads to relapse.

Structured Living Environment For Substance Abuse Treatment through Partial Hospitalization

Periods of doubt, stress, and the rebound cravings for drug and alcohol occur often during rehab. This is expected, and it is one of the reasons why structured living community programs are so important. When crisis comes, even in the middle of the night, professional support is immediately available. Because PHP drug treatment is so intensive, clients are able to break down the social and psychological reasons behind the addiction. It is a tough process, but it leads to healing and recovery.

Seacliff integrates healthy physical, mental, and spiritual activities into each part of our PHP treatment programs. After this phase of treatment is complete, clients are welcomed into an outpatient program, extended care program, and sober living program. We offer help with family interventions, and help loved ones through the difficult process of recovery as well.
To learn more about us or to find Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program help, contact us at 800.581.7274 today.

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